The Strategic Value of Initiating the Tough Conversations 

Each of us suffers at one time or another from situations where we cannot work out our differences with people who are key to our success. These are tough conversations, often times holding valuable resources hostage; opportunities can be missed or sub-optimized while these stalemates persist. 

Many people, managers as well as other employees can see the stalemates clearly but do not either possess the skill or confidence to successfully intervene in these situations.

Friction among co-workers, be they leaders, managers or simply someone whose help we need plays a large role in whether we and others around us feel safe to fully engage or not. Being willing to step in, initiate and then facilitate the tough conversations that need to take place between and among associates at all levels sets the stage for a culture that is truly more committed to results than it is to power or control.

By the end of this presentation participants will have received a template that can be used repeatedly to help design these challenging conversations.

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