The Answer is You: Developing an Engagement IQ

Using Enlightened Self Interest to Stay Sane, Productive and Amused at Work

Management staffs everywhere are constantly faced with the question of how best to bring new employees on board while keeping the current employees fully engaged. What needs to happen to make sure employees maintain that first day enthusiasm?

The trap that must be avoided in either case is the one that suggests that the burden of engagement falls on the shoulders of the employer. Does the employer share this responsibility, of course they do. But measures of engagement reflect a complex relationship, not a one sided responsibility.

When is the last time you saw a question on an engagement survey that asked the employee how much responsibility they felt for their own engagement?

The answer to who is responsible for employee engagement is… everyone!

In this session you will be involved in a dialogue that introduces you to a set of guidelines and one rule that can be regularly used to...

  • Encourage new employees to own the issue of their own engagement and show them at least some of the ways they can exercise that ownership.
  • Remind current employees to reflect on their own capacity for developing and maintaining an Engagement IQ

The guidelines presented are keepers that you will want to take away and use over and over in your own working environments to assist yourself in becoming resilient in the face of the slings and arrows of the workplace.


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